The Secret To Clear Skin and Immunity Is The Same

Let’s go a layer deeper into the root of the problem.

When we talk about skin care, our minds tend to drift towards topical ointments, soothing creams and exfoliating scrubs.
But what if the secret to healthy skin actually has nothing to do with treating our skin? What if all along, the solution was really a layer beneath our skin? If we can examine the causes of distressed skin, we won’t be bandaging the problem...we’ll be solving it.

Vitamin D is KEY
Composed of antimicrobial properties, Vitamin D can help kill bacteria lodged in your pores (which eventually cause break-outs and acne). Additionally, inflammation can cause uneven skin tones, rough textures and a degree of swollenness to our skin. The anti-inflammatory abilities in Vitamin D help reduce these symptoms.

Befriend Selenium
From providing UV protection to reducing inflammation, the antioxidant abilities in Selenium can promote incredible results on the skin. Additionally, Selenium works with its favourite colleague (Vitamin E), to protect cell membranes, thus preserving the integrity of one's skin from the effects of age or sun exposure.

Monitor your Diet
The complexity of acne denies us a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, but there are certainly contributors to break-outs and blemishes...your diet being one of them. Staying away from fatty and sugary foods is a good start. If you want that ‘glow,’ build a diet from nutrient rich foods and focus on healthy fats and oils that naturally moisturize the skin.

Take Vitamin E
Free radicals can cause significant cell damage, making Vitamin E essential for improved skin. Acting in defence of these atoms, Vitamin E also protects from UV exposure, damaged skin cells and some studies have even suggested it can assist in healing wounds.

Drink. Drink. Drink
Your skin is your largest organ (and most noticeable!) Drinking water is one of the easiest habits to improve the health of your skin. It’s a natural detox and keeps your skin organically moisturized. Hydration is especially critical if you put yourself in a position to sweat throughout the day.

We know.
It’s a LOT to remember.
And getting the proper dosages makes it even harder to get the results you want.

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