How Your Nutrition Affects Your Vaccination

Studies suggest that vaccines work best in nutritionally balanced bodies

If anything has awakened us to the essentialism of a strong immune system, it is the arrival of a global pandemic.
Now, with vaccines circulating throughout the world the question remains,

"Will it be enough?”

We can help scientists increase the effectiveness of vaccinations by preparing our bodies to receive it. Past studies have confirmed that individuals with nutritionally balanced diets have greater immune responses to vaccinations (tested by the PLOS on patients receiving their TB shots).

We have long known the risks of poor nutrition - including heart disease and diabetes - but now the consequences are more severe. The UK reported 30% of COVID deaths (under the age of 65) occured in diabetic individuals, followed by the alarming records in the USA that attributed 4/10 deaths to the same condition.

Just like healthy individuals are able to effectively fight viruses, those with pre-existing strong immune systems will create a stronger response to a vaccine, thus increasing its overall level of effectiveness.

If you feel the threat of COVID-19 or worry that the vaccine won’t be enough, we can exchange that fear for positive action. Supplements like Selfera® helps the body do what the body can naturally do.
It’s not a cure for COVID-19, but it is a proactive way of strengthening your immunity and preparing to receive the new vaccine.

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