How Nutrition Affects Education

It takes a healthy brain to learn new things. 

Nutrition is a key-factor in focus - which we all know is essential in learning. There are 3 fundamental ways children will either succeed or struggle, and it all depends on their diet. 

      1. Energy 

Deficiencies in essential nutrients can severely affect dopamine transmissions which results in yawning children who are fatigued and easily frustrated. 

When stalked up with the proper vitamins and minerals, energy levels will be sufficient for the child’s daily activities. 

      2. Engagement

Highly processed foods are closely linked to imbalanced blood sugar levels. This constant fluctuation makes it difficult for children to concentrate. The sugar surge can cause fidgety and restless kids. 

Vitamins like Zinc, Magnesium and Iron assist the cognitive functions of the brain to improve focus and concentration. 

      3.  Emotion

When anything is out of balance there are consequences. Some are physical while others are emotional. A lack of Calcium or Vitamin D for example, can have serious impacts on children’s moods. 

Irritability, impatience, discouragement and aggression can amazingly be linked back (again) to a child’s diet and whether or not they are receiving adequate nutrition. 


It’s a bit overwhelming, right? The calculation of what to include and what to avoid in your child’s diet is not always so straightforward. But sometimes … it is. 


With a single GoodGumi you can rest assured your child is getting the exact nutrients they need to be successful in their academics and daily life. 


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