7 Reasons you should start having moringa as part of your diet every day

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is an age-old plant used since ancient times because of its incredible health benefits. Sometimes it goes by the name “horseradish” and “miracle tree.” It grows throughout Africa, India, Pakistan, Egypt, as well as Jamaica, Cuba and Hawaii to name a few.

The miracle tree may have seemed like an understated plant in early western regions of the world. Today it demands recognition for its many health benefits, playing an integral role in conventional and integrative medicine throughout the world. Moringa is a superfood and should be part of every family’s pantry. 

Here’s why you need to start having moringa in your diet

#1 It can help reduce inflammation

Arthritis is a condition that starts due to the immune system attacking the body. This causes inflammation within the joints, knees, and spine. There are two common forms namely rheumatoid and osteoporosis.

Moringa has properties that help to reduce fluid build up and swelling in the case of rheumatoid arthritis in patients. 

#2 May help reduce urinary tract infection

A study in NCBI recordings observed 15 patients that took moringa oleifera treatment for 3 weeks. The test results confirmed that over 66% were completely free from the signs and symptoms of the infection. 

It not only has antimicrobial benefits, but again its anti-inflammatory characteristics are shown in this study.  

#3 Moringa may help control diabetes

Diabetics have to track their insulin levels all the time because the body can no longer produce insulin naturally. Moringa Oleifera also helps the body increase insulin levels. This may be due to its natural “insulin-like” plant proteins. 

#4 Improves body function and overall wellness

When it comes to balancing the fluids and some body functions such as muscle health, muscle contractions, and nerve signals, potassium plays a vital role. Moringa has high levels of potassium and it helps to regulate blood pressure too. 

#5 It’s big on cell protection

Moringa has properties similar to vitamin c, but even more effectively because it is also packed with antioxidants. With that said, these antioxidants help to protect the body against free radicals. 

#6 Fights cancer 

Many studies throughout the years confirmed anti-cancer properties in certain plants. Moringa is another plant that was tested and showed signs of anticancer agents against breast cancer and colon cancer cell lines.

#7 Lowers blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels can increase hypertension and lead to chronic health conditions. Some include heart disease, ketoacidosis, and kidney failure to name a few. An article recorded in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition observed a reduction of blood sugar levels in patients who ate food that contained Moringa.  

Grow your moringa tree

Not only is gardening a therapeutic practice, but if your region can grow certain plants, then what better way to enjoy your food than from home produced ingredients.

When it comes to moringa oleifera trees, they require very little maintenance . This is probably because they don’t need much water. 

Plant your tree in a section of the garden that receives plenty of sunlight. You can get away with clay soil, but it isn’t advised because it clogs too quickly. Use soil with a neutral PH of 7, anything below that is too acidic for the tree. 

What’s great about these trees is that you can plant branch cuttings or seedlings. Seedlings will grow within 2 weeks from planting. Make sure that you don’t overwater the tree because that will cause the roots to rot.

Much like cannabis trees, you can use the whole moringa tree.  

So, why is moringa one of the best superfoods around?

In a word, moringa contains more vitamin c than oranges, more vitamin A than carrots, more potassium than bananas, and more calcium than cow's milk. 

Adding some moringa into your meals will be a long-term investment for your health. Doctor Foster’s Selfera® contains 450mg of high-grade moringa oleifera and other natural ingredients to help strengthen your immune system.

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